Sunday, November 11, 2007


On the front page the article "Lend a hand this Thanksgiving: hundreds of Edina citizens rely on food shelves for their meals" was on of my favorites because i felt like it was very informative. The writer gives locations and also lists different ways that you can help this Thanksgiving cause their are many families in need. I think this is a human interest article because it reaches out to many people who want to help. After I read this article I really felt the desire to help others this Thanksgiving. The article "Rising high above the rest: the Westin" was based on proximity and human interest because this apartment is affecting people already. The Westin is a big deal because it's causing lots of construction around the area and people are worried because that area has been the same since the 60's according to the article. Another fear is that the profits of local businesses will drop because people won't want to shop in the area. The article was interesting to me because I drive by that area alot and I never really knew what was going on with the construction until I read this article. Overall, I think Zephyrus is a good newspaper for Edina High School because the articles are well researched and follow the "who cares" method for its students.

Monday, November 5, 2007

2 Stories

1. Edina losses to EP, ending undefeated streak
2. sports section
3. proximity because it effects our school, timeliness because it happened recently and is still being talked about, and human interest because edina was very excited about the game and thought we had a chance of winning
4. The story will be about the edina vrs. eden prarie game. Since both teams were undefeated, it was an intense game.
5. Curtis James- he's one of the captains for Edina and showed determination in winning
Anders Lee- He's Edina's quarterback and a valuable part of the team, he could tell us how he planned to win and his reaction to the loss and the whole season
Kim Nelson- The Edina football team's coach could give us a strategy he had going against EP
6. I would need to gather information on each person and find out how they contributed to the game. I would look at particular plays from the game and get their opinions on them.
7. How they feel about the game? Did they play their best? What was their strategy going into the game? How do they feel about the season in general?
8. Touchdown scored by Jason Schaefer, the two teams shaking hands at the end of the game
9. The person who takes pictures of the game from the sidelines
10. Timeliness is an issue now that it's happened a few days ago

1. Westside Story, the Edina High School musical, opens this weeked with great restults.
2. Entertainment
3. Proximity- because it takes place at our school
Timeliness- It's still occuring right now
Human Interest- Lots of students from EHS are interested in going to the play
4. The story will be about the musical, Westside Story. I would find out how much they practiced and how they prepared for the performance. ALso I would find out how the audience felt about the story.
5. Carah Claflin- the female lead in the musical, she plays Maria
Beau Rickert- the male lead in the musical, he plays Tony
AUdience member- Their personal opinion and reaction to the musical
6. I would have to go see the musical to gather information so I could interview the leads of the musical.
7. How long have you prepared for the musical? How often do you practice? Did you feel it was successful? What's your favorite part of the play? We need to get the actors views on the musical but also the audiences reactions.
8. Photos from main scenes of the play, different actors (Carah, Ali, Beau, Michael CD...)
9. Photographer for the musical
10. Many people might be doing this story since it's currently a popular topic at Edina

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I think that the most important for a journalist to be is curious. In the point it says good journalists enjoy the details. Details are a major part of a story. Without significant details, a story lacks interest. Good journalists research and find all the details for their story. They take pleasure in the new and the old means they don't stop until they discover everything. A good journalist doesn't finish the story until they include all the details and there curiousity is fufilled.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pop Machines

Pop machines are necessary at Edina High School. Students depend on caffeine in the mornings to wake them up so they are energiZed for a day at school. Without the pop machines, students are going to be getting tired in class more often. Students should be responsible enough to know if they can drink pop or not. It's not up to the school board to decide what we drink or eat if it's legal.