Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pop Machines

Pop machines are necessary at Edina High School. Students depend on caffeine in the mornings to wake them up so they are energiZed for a day at school. Without the pop machines, students are going to be getting tired in class more often. Students should be responsible enough to know if they can drink pop or not. It's not up to the school board to decide what we drink or eat if it's legal.


Mr. Hatten said...

Lexie: I want to know more about what the issue is. Don't assume I know anything about the issue at all and describe it to me as if I've never even heard of what you're talking about. Give it another shot and keep posting!

Anne B said...

Lexie, you have a really good idea, but keep developing the idea. you bring up excellent points, but don't go much into detail if a person had never heard about the issue. good start though, this is a very interesting topic!

Naida H. said...

I totally agree Lexie. I mean it's one thing for teachers and the school board to want us to make good and healthy decisions, but it's another thing to take away our right to decide what we want to drink. By the way the H20 water or whatever isn't suppose to be flat yet it is at school...frustrating