Sunday, November 11, 2007


On the front page the article "Lend a hand this Thanksgiving: hundreds of Edina citizens rely on food shelves for their meals" was on of my favorites because i felt like it was very informative. The writer gives locations and also lists different ways that you can help this Thanksgiving cause their are many families in need. I think this is a human interest article because it reaches out to many people who want to help. After I read this article I really felt the desire to help others this Thanksgiving. The article "Rising high above the rest: the Westin" was based on proximity and human interest because this apartment is affecting people already. The Westin is a big deal because it's causing lots of construction around the area and people are worried because that area has been the same since the 60's according to the article. Another fear is that the profits of local businesses will drop because people won't want to shop in the area. The article was interesting to me because I drive by that area alot and I never really knew what was going on with the construction until I read this article. Overall, I think Zephyrus is a good newspaper for Edina High School because the articles are well researched and follow the "who cares" method for its students.

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Mr. Hatten said...

Your analysis needs more specific examples from the articles as well as relating the concepts we've gone over in class to those articles. The analysis should be about five times longer than your post ... Also, you are a bit confused on the concept of human interest. A human interest story doesn't mean it is interesting to humans -- that would be every article in a paper. Instead, it means the story is about some person rather than a large issue or news event.